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Hi, I’m Sylvia. I’m an educator and a clinical hypnotherapist and I’m passionate about helping people become the most fully realized version of themselves through inner mastery.


Since 2011 I’ve worked on human performance with clients of all ages; as a clinician, teacher and trainer. My specialty is helping athletes and other high performers achieve next-level results through mental training techniques: Accelerating achievement. Busting through plateaus. Marshalling post-traumatic growth. 

I’ve been fortunate to work with exceptional people all over the world, including Olympic and professional athletes, athletic coaches, executives, creatives and entrepreneurs.

We all get stuck sometimes — and know we can reach higher. Helping people free themselves from mental barriers is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Also coffee. I do love coffee. 

What People Are Saying

Recommendations from Clients

“Working with Sylvia changed the course of my life. I went to see her as a professional athlete looking to improve my performance and mental game, in which I saw positive results immediately. What I didn't expect however was how the tools and skills she gave me would pour over into improving my every day life, and help me cope with the hardships and challenges that would arise within it. I would recommend Sylvia to anyone looking to better themselves or ease their own path on both professional and personal levels. The tools she provided me with will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life.”
Jess Kimura
Top Female Pro Snowboarder/Filmmaker


I offer services for individuals and organizations. Please read on below for more detailed descriptions of everything on offer. If you aren't sure where to start, just drop me a line and we'll go from there.

What People Are Saying

Recommendations From Clients

“I would tell a prospective student that it would be the best thing they could do for themselves. Any one can benefit from spending time with you. Even people who think they have their *&^% together.”

For Individuals

Sports Hypnosis and Mental Training

If you are interested in getting the most of your athletic endeavors, you can no longer treat your performance as a combination of isolated factors which come together in some mysterious and unified way on the day of the competition.

— Coach Owen van Niekerk

You’ve probably heard the old adage that sports are 90% mental. Many people focus solely on physical training and neglect their most important athletic asset: their mind.

Private sessions will increase your confidence, help you cultivate a winning mindset and teach you how to access and maintain a flow state—your optimal state for performance. We can also work on motivation, focus, endurance, improved rest/sleep, self-regulation, and pain management, among other things.

I have trained athletes at all levels, from recreational to pro; kids, adults and seniors. If you’re looking to up your game, I want to hear from you!


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Although Sports is the main focus of my practice, my caseload is wide-ranging and includes pain management, smoking cessation, addictions, fears/phobias, anxiety and stress reduction, as well as other issues that have proved difficult to treat with traditional approaches, or where a complementary/holistic approach is desired.

In the case of medical issues, I can work in collaboration with your primary care team. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment. It can, however, be a powerful complementary therapy, and because of more recent advances in brain imaging and research on hypnosis, it is gaining acceptance among traditional healthcare providers and insurance providers. I’ve worked with many health professionals (doctors, nurses, RMTs, physios, etc) and enjoy serving as part of a multidisciplinary team.

As someone who’s experienced breast cancer, I am particularly motivated to assist with reducing suffering and improving the wellbeing of cancer patients, whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, or if you’ve already completed treatment but have ongoing challenges such as pain, fear, or emotional distress.

If you aren’t sure if hypnotherapy can help you, please request a free consultation.

Book a Free Consultation

What People Are Saying

Recommendations From Clients

"I absolutely recommend Sylvia to others. I have had private sessions to work on specific issues as well as group classes. They have led to very positive and sustainable changes in my life. We are often reluctant to try things we don’t understand or cannot control. Try it and trust the process. The results will speak for themselves.”


Sessions leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the world.


Outcome-driven, clinical approach — experience results from the first session.


Online sessions allow us to work together from virtually anywhere.

What People Are Saying

Recommendations From Clients

“273 km in 7 days. Temperatures were at extremes of hot to cold and the terrain was difficult as were the camp conditions. Think ruthless wind, dry dusty deep sand and limited water. I managed every fear by just listening to the recordings at night and practicing the cloud when I needed to. Then I just did it. When my stomach started, to when the temps dropped below zero at night and I was shivering to when the pain in my feet due to terrible blistering was almost overwhelming. I just relaxed and persevered. I was definitely in the zone and never once did the thought of stopping cross my mind seriously or for longer than an instant. This was really a breakthrough for me. I have no muscle soreness and could have pushed much harder if it wasn't for my feet (they actually took pictures of them for the website...)! So thank you very much for your contribution. It made a difference—absolutely. For someone like me, a rational critical tough to convince scientist, that's saying something!"

For Companies

Various corporate offerings to suit your venue and budget

Cultivating high performance in the office is like a magical fairy dust that improves your efficiency and morphs people from rusty old cogs into motivated, purpose-driven all-stars. It makes the workplace a place you want to be, filled with people you like to be around. Why? Because it’s fun to work hard if you know how you work well. Demonstrate work as a sport, and watch your people find their A-Game. If you’re familiar with Deep Work, Growth Mindset, and Grit, then you’re sure as heck going to be picking up what I’m putting down. High five, fist bump. Let’s do this.

If you’re looking to motivate people with purpose with one great and memorable speech, I can create a tailored offering that delivers a wallop of get-sh*t-done.

Maybe your people like learning. And they also like lunch. Great, me too! I’ll devise a session on a topic that works with your department. My current topic suggestion is “Focus & Attention”. It’s my most requested workplace skill share, and it’s in increasingly short supply. Ask me for other ideas! I have dozens of engaging topics ready to deliver over the noon hour.

You have a half-day or so to fill at your next annual company event. Give your company a workshop that actually works — by filling a relevant training gap, reinforcing your culture, or driving home that new vision your CEO has been dreaming about (but somehow not really explaining to anyone…) I got you covered.

Just getting started with your L&D strategy? Maybe it’s something you know you want to invest in but you’re unsure how to get started. In consultation with you and your trusted people, I can develop a customized, cutting-edge L&D strategy according to your dream budget, timeline, and most importantly, that serves your actual business needs—both immediately, and well into the future.

What People Are Saying

Recommendations From Corporate Attendees

"This is not your typical leadership development program. It is so much more than that – the program engages you to dig deep and reflect on you as a leader. It equipped my colleagues and I deeply explore and reflect on how we work, what drives us to work, how we show up, and how to build up resiliency. Some pieces of the program have been facilitated separately and the reaction has always been the same: Where do I sign up? Professionals today are looking for programs that focus on individual development which incorporate the science of the mind, the philosophy which engages the mind and our being as individuals. All of this, relevant to our personal and professional lives."
"I thought her session was great! She is a captivating and engaging speaker. We are a values based financial institution, so a chance to do a workshop on how our values align with our peers, managers and reports and Vancity as an organization is great. plus she’s funny.. People were paying attention and enjoying it."
"I have my sheet, and will be including the ideas about values when I am doing my coaching and performance partnerships this year. I think it’s a great way to get a better understanding of your teams values and then keep that in mind for constructive feedback, coaching, and recognition."
Interested in Corporate Bookings or Consulting?

8-Week Courses

Signature Programs Designed to Develop Superior Mindsets. (Click on course titles to expand.) I love developing and delivering exciting, engaging, hands-on learning opportunities. I don't believe in simply lecturing — every class includes a strong practical component. These courses have been launched out of classrooms, boardrooms, gyms, yoga studios and clinics. Contact me for full course descriptions, and a quotation to run a course with your group or team.

The Results-Driven Mental Training methodology prepares fitness coaches & trainers to improve their clients’ mental game. We’ve all heard the adage “Sport is 90% mental,” but few athletes have been taught to use their minds optimally for training & competition. Because of this gap, PTs & coaches have an incredible opportunity to quickly enhance a client’s abilities using mental training techniques to break through barriers and enhance self-efficacy — creating measurable results.

This course provides you with context for the use of mental imagery techniques, a robust toolkit, and plenty of in-class practice and demonstration, ensuring that you leave equipped to bring this skillset safely into practice with your clients. 

For people who like learning/biohacking/being awesomer: a training program focused on developing GRIT. It’s a hands-on course, visualization, meditation, focus training, and lots of practical tools to enhance your cognition. The design draws heavily from sports psychology but is built for entrepreneurs or anyone looking to optimize mental performance/increase attention & awareness. (Athletes & coaches are welcome, too.)

This unique course includes weekly group sessions and learning tools (including meditation, mental imagery training) to gear you up for mental mastery. Designed to improve your focus, concentration & all around confidence, while reducing stress & emotional reactivity. Topics include: creating optimism; developing focus & concentration; composure (coping with mistakes); pre-competition jitters; performing beyond comfort zones; imagery for enhanced performance; building superior confidence.

This course takes participants on a journey to understanding the foundations of holistic health by establishing and attaining goals around 10 key areas (Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, In Time, Down Time, Up Time, Focus Time, Out Time, Play Time, Connecting Time). Experiential learning allows participants to get beyond theory into practice, and create knowledge and abilities to last.

Created for healthcare workers/first responders, parents, children of ageing parents, teachers, coaches and others in a caregiving role, Care for the Caregiver emphasizes building a toolkit for stress reduction and self-care. The course addresses key issues: the art of self-care; avoiding burnout; inoculation against stress. Classes include a relaxation portion so everyone leaves feeling better than when they came in.

An introductory mindfulness course drawing on the work of Reinhard Kowalski, this program exposes participants to a range of techniques from different traditions, allowing them to approach meditation in a systematic, gradual, practical way. This provides an opportunity to create or enhance their own daily practices.

Contact me to discuss developing a mental training course customized to your clinic, gym or workplace.

What People Are Saying

Recommendations From Past Students

“Lost of people talk about concepts like metacognition and neuroplasticity on a more abstract level but she’s weaponizing it.”