Learning Professional Development

How I got my boss to pay for school (and how you can too)

First off, believe it’s possible. Most people aren’t even aware that their company has a professional development (PD) budget. It’s something I think a lot of managers and HR pros mistakenly conceal, as way to save the biz money and hit their own bottom-line targets. Sad but true. If you aren’t sure about PD budget, you can just ask. You might even get time off to study. 1. Believe in the existence of PD. (Then ask.) When I decided to enroll in HBX I also knew I couldn’t afford it. But I realized that my reasons for taking the course were mostly to benefit my current workplace. 2. Choose a course that aligns with not just your personal goals but those of your workplace – answer the question: how will you taking this course benefit your company directly? It didn’t make sense to me to have the conversation until it […]


Doing HBX and losing my freaking mind

For some insane reason I decided that it would be great to do an online pre-MBA, in the midst of being a single parent, COO, and writing/teaching a course. The chaos begins on March 27. Why now and why HBX? Ummm… I like stress? In general, I believe in learning. It makes me happy and it’s useful. If you’re like me you’re probably pretty mesmerized by the vastness of the internet. It’s hard to imagine a world before Google, but I do… I remember you, Lycos 🙂 I also remember going to the galldarn library and having to sit in the reference section to flip through a ginormous encyclopedia like a fool. I remember microfiche, which now you only see in dated TV shows about the FBI. (It was actually kinda cool.) Agent Scully microfiching it up in the J Edgar Hoover library The advent of the internet and more […]