Doing HBX and losing my freaking mind

For some insane reason I decided that it would be great to do an online pre-MBA, in the midst of being a single parent, COO, and writing/teaching a course. The chaos begins on March 27. Why now and why HBX? Ummm… I like stress? In general, I believe in learning. It makes me happy and it’s useful. If you’re like me you’re probably pretty mesmerized by the vastness of the internet. It’s hard to imagine a world before Google, but I do… I remember you, Lycos 🙂 I also remember going to the galldarn library and having to sit in the reference section to flip through a ginormous encyclopedia like a fool. I remember microfiche, which now you only see in dated TV shows about the FBI. (It was actually kinda cool.) Agent Scully microfiching it up in the J Edgar Hoover library The advent of the internet and more […]