Three Simple Ways to Grow Your Grit

One of my favourite survival stories is the one about Joe Simpson. In a brutal climbing accident, Joe was abandoned (necessarily) by his climbing partner, and fell 150 ft down a crevasse. The injuries to Joe’s shattered right leg were so bad he eventually had six surgeries to repair it, and even then they said he’d never climb again (he did). Not to mention, before Joe fell he and his partner had just summitted the west face of the Siula Grande in the Andes – no small feat, as they were the first to ever successfully climb the 20,000+ ft monster. So to start there was total physical and mental exhaustion. When he came to, after the fall, hypothermic and alone, he dragged himself out of the crevasse, across the ice, snow and rock, back to the base camp where he would eventually be rescued. The conditions were brutal: freezing […]